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Chief XL

The Chief XL ambulance model provides the optimum in room, storage and comfort. With a variety of chassis options to choose from, the Chief XL delivers a powerful emergency vehicle with one of the highest usable payloads in the industry. Available in the standard package or customized to meet your specific requirements, the Chief XL ambulance provides value, comfort and safety for both patient and crew.

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Quick Glance - Standard Specifications

RAM 4500
Ford E-450
Ford F-450
Chevy G-4500
International TerraStar
Wheel Base 192 158 189 159 183
Overall Length 306.5 272.75 301.5 279 291
Overall Width 98 98 98 98 98
Overall Height 110 106.5 110 106.5 111
Module Length 169 169 169 169 169
**Module Width **96 **96 **96 **96 **96
Module Head Room 72 72 72 72 72
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Specifications Download Download Download Download Download
**Add 2" for overall width to include the rub rails and exterior side warning lights.

Value... Comfort... Safety...

Available in a Type I or Type III configuration, Braun's Chief XL is the leading ambulance model sold. With a headroom height of 72" and an impressive module length, the Chief XL has lots of room to get around. The extra space makes it easy for your EMS crew to move throughout the ambulance module and treat patients. Superior storage space allows you to carry more emergency equipment on the inside and out. For EMS providers that demand a large open work area and lots of storage space, the Braun Chief XL is the ideal ambulance.

With so much room to get around in, it's important to know that the Chief XL ambulance is handcrafted with Braun's SolidBody™ Construction for increased patient and crew safety. Built as one integrated module from .125" flat-sheet, marine grade aluminum, the floor, roof, sides and doors are all constructed from brake formed parts with fully welded seams. This reduces the weight and adds strength to the ambulance offering many significant advantages; the most important of these being a more durable module to protect the precious cargo inside.

The Chief XL ambulance also features some of Braun's other great innovations. Always putting safety first, Braun's EZ Glide™ Door opens snug against the ambulance module. This protects the door from opening out into traffic and provides easier access for the EMS crew as they get in and out of the ambulance module. Combined with the MasterTech IV™ Multiplex System and VitalMax™ Lighting, the Braun Chief XL is the top choice of departments needing quality and reliability for today's ambulance services.

With the ability to mount the Chief XL on the RAM D-4500, Ford E-450, Ford F-450, Chevy G-4500, or International TerraStar chassis, it's easy to see why this ambulance is one of the most sought after in the EMS industry. 

Contact us today for more information on the Braun Chief XL ambulance.

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