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Often referred to as the best little "bus" in the business, the Braun Express ambulance model has established a solid reputation overtime. Known as a workhorse ambulance among private and municipal EMS fleet managers, the Braun Express is a trusted emergency vehicle that's "Built for Life."

"The Braun ambulance speaks for itself. There’s no other vehicle out there built as well... Out of all the many ambulances I’ve worked in during my nearly 30 years in the business, the Braun always comes out on top as the best for many proven reasons."
- John Marko, Executive Director and Paramedic of Northern Onondaga Volunteer Ambulance, Inc., Owners of a Braun Express Type III ambulance on a Chevy G-3500 chassis

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Quick Glance - Standard Specifications

Ford E-350
Ford F-350
Chevy G-3500
Wheel Base 138 165 139
Overall Length 247.75 276.5 254
Overall Width 95 95 95
Overall Height 100.25 106.25 102.5
Module Length 144 144 144
**Module Width **95 **93 **93
Module Head Room 68 68 68
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Specifications Download Download Download
**Add 2" for overall width to include the rub rails and exterior side warning lights.

The Best Little "Bus" in the Business

It's no surprise to us that the Braun Express ambulance has been well received by the EMS industry over the years. As are all of our emergency vehicles, the Braun Express is built with high quality materials and custom handcrafted in our manufacturing facility. The attention to detail and craftsmanship results in reduced downtime, fewer maintenance costs and increased reliability. The dependability of this ambulance model has earned it the nickname the best little "bus" in the business and we can't agree more.

The Braun Express ambulance includes some thoughtful design components your crew is sure to love. Now with a wider aisle, paramedics and EMTs have more working room than ever before. Increased interior cabinets and external backboard storage provides superior space for equipment and supplies. Additionally, the "all" aluminum cabinets and interior are protected and sealed with a scratch resistant, durable coating. This provides a formica free interior without seams, resulting in a clean, bright working environment. Outside of the module, Whelen warning and scene lights make sure patient and crew are safe on the road by effectively alerting traffic. 

These great design components combine with exclusive innovations from Braun Industries, Inc. to enhance the Express ambulance even further. The module is 144" long and manufactured with our SolidBody™ Construction. This process reduces weight and adds strength to the module for better fuel economy, more usable space in the ambulance and less wear and tear on the chassis.

The  EZ Glide™ Door is also now standard on the Braun Express. Opening snug against the ambulance, the  EZ Glide™ Door enhances safety for your EMS crew. The unique design makes it easier for paramedics and EMTS to get in and out of the ambulance module and protects the door from oncoming traffic.

Managing the electrical functions in an emergency vehicle has never been easier than with Braun's MasterTech IV™. This multiplex electrical system provides state-of-the-art control for the warning system electrical functions by a convenient display screen located in the cab console. A similar display in the action area provides the same push button ease for interior patient compartment features. With pre-programmed system diagnostic functions, easy programming and simple component replacement, the MasterTech IV™ is a Braun innovation you will be happy you have.

Lastly, Braun's exclusive VitalMax™ Interior Lighting System helps improve module working conditions. A combination of lights and intensity settings offer a wide selection of lighting choices from bright  "shadowless" light to a dim quiet light. Not only will this help your crew care for their patient, but it will also enhance the patient's experience during transport by creating a more comfortable environment. 

Popular among maintenance personnel and EMS crews alike, the Braun Express can be built on the Ford E-350, Ford F-350, or Chevy G-3500. With all of its design features, innovations and chassis options, it's easy to see why the Braun Express is the best little "bus" in the business

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