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The Braun Liberty ambulance is a base unit that allows you to pick and choose the options that are most important to your EMS personnel. At Braun, we understand the need for a high quality ambulance sold at a reasonable price. The Liberty model helps us offer every department the chance to own a custom handcrafted ambulance from Braun that's "Built for Life."  Working from the Liberty ambulance base unit, we will design a progressive options package to help you meet today's budgets and best prepare for tomorrow's demands.

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Quick Glance - Standard Specifications

Ford F-450
RAM 4500
Wheel Base 165 168
Overall Length 288.5 293.5
Overall Width 98 98
Overall Height 109.75 109.75
Module Length 156 156
**Module Width **96 **96
Module Head Room 72 72
Drawings Download Download
Specifications Download Download
**Add 2" for overall width to include the rub rails and exterior side warning lights.

"Built for Life"... Built By You

Customization is key to the success of the Braun Liberty ambulance model. Starting with a base unit, you can select additional options for your model and custom fit your new ambulance to meet your department's needs. This model is available on a RAM or Ford chassis. Working close with Braun's in-house design team and your Braun dealer, we will help you design your new Liberty ambulance so you get exactly the emergency vehicle you want!

Every ambulance manufactured at Braun Industries is "Built for Life" and the Liberty is no exception. Smaller in size with a 156" module, the Liberty shares the same quality as Braun's larger ambulance units. It also maintains the highest safety standards in the industry, ensuring your patient and crew are in good hands.

As with all of our ambulance models, the Braun Liberty features our SolidBody™ Construction. Built as one integrated module, the floor, roof, sides and doors are constructed from brake formed parts with fully welded seams. This reduces the weight of the ambulance module and adds strength. This translates to enhanced protection for passengers in the event of an accident.

The Liberty ambulance also includes angled lighting, Braun's EZ Glide™ Door and MasterTech IV™ touch button system. The angled lighting provides shadowless light to aid in patient care. With the highest lumen output in the industry, these lights still allow light levels to be controlled by paramedics, a very nice feature. The EZ Glide™ Door increases EMS crew safety by opening snug against the ambulance module. The MasterTech IV™ touch button system controls the module's alectronic functions and provides real-time, on-board diagnostics.

With so many great options to chose from, the Braun Liberty ambulance is a great fit for any department. If you want an ambulance that's "Built for Life," but your department doesn't want to spent the rest of theirs paying for it... the Braun Liberty is definitely an emergency vehicle you should consider.

To learn more about the Liberty ambulance model from Braun Industries, please contact us today.

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