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Super Chief

The Super Chief is a premier ambulance in the industry. Safer, larger and more convenient than other emergency vehicles on the market, the roomy interior has over 73 inches of headroom. There are also additional areas to store your emergency equipment. If you're looking for a top quality, Type I, medium duty ambulance, the Super Chief from Braun is the one you want!

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AS-Braun-Super-Chief-Ambulance-July14 (19)
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B-Braun-Super-Chief-Ambulance (3)
5/1/2013 3:30:00 PM
C-Braun-Super-Chief-Ambulance (2)
5/1/2013 3:04:00 PM
D-Braun-Super-Chief-Ambulance (4)
4/18/2013 10:38:00 AM
E-Braun-Super-Chief-Ambulance (6)
5/15/2013 2:36:00 PM
F-Braun-Super-Chief-Ambulance (7)
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H-Braun-Super-Chief-Ambulance (8)
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5/16/2013 10:28:00 AM
I-Braun-Super-Chief-Ambulance (9)
5/16/2013 10:28:00 AM
K-Braun-Super-Chief-Ambulance (11)
5/16/2013 10:29:00 AM
J-Braun-Super-Chief-Ambulance (10)
5/16/2013 10:29:00 AM
L-Braun-Super-Chief-Ambulance (12)
5/1/2013 3:31:00 PM
M-Braun-Super-Chief-Ambulance (13)
5/1/2013 3:32:00 PM

Quick Glance - Standard Specifications

I 4300
Ford F-650
Freightliner M2
Wheel Base 175 182 174
Overall Length 291.5 297.5 292.5
Overall Width 98 98 98
Overall Height 107.9 112 108
Module Length 170 170 170
**Module Width **96 **96 **96
Module Head Room 73 73 73
Drawings Download Download Download
Specifications Download Download Download
**Add 2" for overall width to include the rub rails and exterior side warning lights.

Interested in the 2015 Spartan Metro Star chassis? Call us at 877-344-9990 for details. 

Safer... Larger... Convenient

As with many of our ambulance models, the Braun Super Chief is fully customizable. With a wide range of colors and materials available, you can design the perfect patient compartment. Features like the angled lighting, acrylic surface countertops and slide-out writing table make patient care easier for the EMS crew on board.

The Super Chief ambulance model also comes standard with several great innovations Braun Industries is known for, such as:

Braun's exclusive EZ GlideTM Door enhances the safety and convenience of the ambulance. When opening, the ambulance door slides out of the way, snug against the module. This allows EMS personnel to freely move in and out of the module without the door opening into oncoming traffic. Keeping your paramedics and EMTs safe in their line of work is important to us.

In addition to the EZ GlideTM Door, our SolidBodyTM Construction also works hard to keep the EMS crew inside the Super Chief ambulance safe on the job. The design includes an integrated module from .125" flat-sheet aluminum. Made of brake formed parts with full contact welded seams, the ambulance body has no separate extruded frame. This reduces weight and adds strength to the module. This results in such benefits as:

  • Better fuel economy
  • More usable space in the ambulance
  • Less wear and tear on the chassis

Delivering significant advantages over most other digital systems on the market, Braun's exclusive MasterTech IVTM touch button system controls all of the electronic functions of the ambulance. On-board, real-time diagnostics allow monitoring and feedback to provide simple detection of open circuits of shorts. The color display screens provide backlit control buttons, easy to read text and at-a-glance off/on status. Keeping an eye on the health of your ambulance while taking care of your patients has never been easier!

The Super Chief ambulance is the ideal module to complement the large medium duty chassis that's popular among fire departments and heavy rescue squads. Currently available on the International 4300, Freightliner M2, Ford F-650, and Spartan MetroStar, there are lots of options to chose from. If you are looking for a top quality, Type I medium duty ambulance, the Super Chief is the one you want!

If you want an ambulance that's "Built for Life," contact us for more information on the Braun Super Chief today.

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