From Ambulance Manufacturer to PPE Producer: How we leveraged in-house talent to make & donate face shields for our community.

As an ambulance manufacturer, we have always been focused on the safety of first responders through emergency vehicle design, testing, and custom fabrication. When the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic challenged the health and well-being of our local and global community, we knew we could do more with our resources. Brad Lichtenberger, VP of Operations Type I & Type III, and Matt Kramer, Quality Systems & Continuous Improvement Manager, spearheaded an effort to produce over 500 face shields to protect our employees and donate to Van Wert, Ohio and surrounding areas.  Team members from sourcing, production, engineering, quality, and safety departments pulled together to go from concept to manufacturing, and to final product within days.

Being an essential business, we have continued to operate throughout the pandemic. This has meant modifications to our production line to ensure social distancing, as well as requiring facial coverings, sanitization stations, and more. “We were investigating different protection options for our team members and found safety supplies to be in short supply,” says Matt Kramer. “Jeff Farmer, one of our Value Stream Leaders, came up with a prototype design for a face shield made of some laminating sheet protectors, Velcro strapping, and foam padding. This led to additional brainstorming, focused on how to mass produce face shields for our Braun team members. We went through multiple iterations and materials to arrive at a lightweight design that adequately covered the user’s face and did not hinder vision. The final shape and material used was inspired by hardhat mounted face shields typically used in industrial settings.”

The face shields were made using a lightweight Plexiglass material, which allowed for a curved design that would retain its shape. A pattern was created, and a CNC router used to cut blanks. Using existing infrared paint drying heaters, the cut Plexiglass blanks were heated and bent to form the curved shield. Velcro strapping was sewn to the shield and foam was added for forehead padding and comfort.

Using materials and resources on hand, we were able to produce over 500 face shields in a two-week period. Donations were made to a range of organizations that included fire departments, hospitals, assisted living facilities, dental providers, hospice, and more. Those that received face shields included:  

THANK YOU to all our internal team members that made this project a reality. We are so proud to have you as part of the Braun family. 

Braun embodies a “can-do” attitude through collaborative relationships, innovation, and empowered employees. We recognize that our family spirit not only means taking care of our personal wellbeing, employees, customers, and partners, it also means taking care of our extended family; our local community, especially in times such as these.”

Matt Kramer

Braun Ambulances Celebrates Employees at Anniversary Dinner

At Braun Ambulances, we’re honored to have a great team of employees that allow us to be one of the premier ambulance manufacturers. Last month, we celebrated our Braun family members with an anniversary dinner held to recognize those celebrating their anniversaries with Braun Ambulances! 

On February 14, we hosted a dinner for all Braun employees at our facility in Van Wert. We honored 47 employees who celebrated one year of perfect attendance at Braun Ambulances by presenting them with a custom jacket. We also presented 21 employees with 2-year perfect attendance coats. Those who celebrated 3 or more years of perfect attendance were awarded $100 in cash!  

Employees celebrating 1-2 years of perfect attendance
Employees celebrating 3 or more years of perfect attendance

Braun also recognized those who celebrated 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 26+ years with the company. There were 37 team members who celebrated their 5-year anniversaries with Braun Ambulances. William Hire, Ryan Fox, Dustin Bidlack, and David Reinhard celebrated their 10-year anniversaries, while Robert Leach, Randy Teman, Tim Jewell, Jason Gibson, Travis Parsons, and Lionel Enyart celebrated 15 years with Braun! Connie Slagle, Brian Ladd, Carrie DeAmicis, Shannan Boroff, James Barnhart, James Denman and Diane Metzger were recognized for spending two decades with Braun Ambulances. Those who celebrated over 25 years with the company were also recognized for their commitment; those team members were Tim Florence (26 years), Tom Ladd and Jerry Goings (27 years), Kim Braun (28 years), BJ Martin (33 years), Michele Ford (34 years), Terry Dysinger (35 years), Bob Herr (36 years), Dan Rohlf (30 years), Allen Farris and Linda Baker (32 years), Gary Ford (38 years), and Deb Butler (40 years)! 

Those who celebrated their 25th anniversaries with Braun Ambulances were awarded vacations from the company. This year, we were honored to present Brian Holbrooks, Donna Elliott, and Pam Osenga with vacations for their commitment to excellence at Braun Ambulances.  

“Every year we take the time to pause from our very busy work schedules and reflect on the amazing people – our employees – that make what we do for our customers so successful,” said Kim Braun. “We are incredibly proud to be building custom, quality ambulances for the EMS market for 48 years.  Congratulations to all our employees who earned their perfect attendance awards and celebrated service milestones on this day!” 

Thank you to all our amazing team members for making us the company we are today. We couldn’t do what we do without you!

Braun Ambulances to Join Demers Ambulances & Crestline Coach at EMS Today 2020

This is the first event the three
ambulance manufacturers will share a booth space at to display seven new
ambulance models.

Braun Ambulances will be joining partner brands, Demers Ambulances and Crestline Coach Ltd, at EMS Today: The JEMS Conference & Exposition. The event will take place March 2-6, 2020 in Tampa, Florida. The exhibition will be the first event all three ambulance manufacturers will share a booth space at. Attendees can find them in Booth #1101 with seven new ambulance models on display.

“We are really looking forward to
exhibiting together at EMS Today 2020,” says Chad Brown, Vice President of US
Sales for Demers-Braun-Crestline.  “While
we have enjoyed some smaller events together, this is the first big tradeshow
we’ll have a shared space at. Being together in the same booth will allow our
customers to benefit from the full potential of the Demers, Braun, Crestline
line up. We will have seven new ambulances models on display to show the
complete range of our Type I, Type II, and Type III offerings. In addition, we
will have the newest ambulance model from each line, including the MXP153
Arctic Range Edition from Demers Ambulances and the CCL150 from Crestline Coach
Ltd. From Braun, we’ll be showcasing the new TLC, which stands for Total Life
Care. This critical care transport model is a collection of the best features
and design configurations from over thirty CCT ambulances we’ve custom built for
customers. It will be seen for the first time at EMS Today and we are
anticipating the reaction from attendees.”

EMS Today: The JEMS Conference
and Exposition is an event put on by Clarion Events Fire & Rescue Group.
This year, the event will be held at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa,
Florida March 2-6, 2020. Nearly 5,000 attendees are expected to attend for
educational lectures, hands-on experiences, and an exhibition of over 250
companies. Exhibit hall hours are Wednesday, March 4th from 12:30 pm
to 5:00 pm, Thursday, March 5th from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, and
Friday, March 6th from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Braun Ambulances will be on
display in Booth #1101. The ambulance manufacturer will have three unique
ambulances at the show. The first is their new model, the TLC. Short for Total
Life Care, the TLC is a critical care transport ambulance built on a
Freightliner M2 crew cab, four door chassis with LiquidSpring suspension. The
unit has thoughtful features and a design configuration specific to
interfacility transport over extended distances. This includes a transverse and
regular cot mount interior for dual patient transport, two SSCOR suctions, an
OTE medical cabinet, medical and regular oxygen, a patient camera in module,
flip down entertainment/DVD system, 1800 W Vanner Inverter, Stadco GP7
Generator compartment, and more.

Englewood Health Emergency
Services of Englewood, New Jersey has graciously allowed Braun to display their
new Liberty Type I Ford F450 4×4 Super Cab ambulance. The unit features a
Kussmaul 20 amp and 30 amp Super Auto Eject, LED side angle lights on
streetside and curbside, Zico Dual Oxygen D bottle holders in the pass through,
a Hoseline 454t dual AC/Heat 125/12 volt system, patient monitoring camera,
Vista screen on swivel, and custom center console.

The third ambulance on display
will be an ambulance remount from Volusia County Florida Medical Services in
Daytona Beach, Florida. Volusia County has over fifty Braun ambulances in their
fleet. This Express model was recently remounted on a new Ford F450 Super Cab
4×2. The module was refurbished to include a new 110/12 volt Hoseline AC,
ramped flooring, upholstery, interior and exterior paint and graphics, and
other updates. It is a great example of how Braun factory direct remounts can
update an existing module to save 20-50% over buying a new ambulance. It will
be the first time Braun is displaying a remounted vehicle at a show.

For more information about EMS
Today 2020 and the new ambulance models Braun Industries will have on display,
please contact Chad Brown at 419-232-7054 or

Braun Chief XL Type I Ambulance On Display at Fire Rescue EAST 2020 in Daytona Beach, Florida

We are looking forward to joining our dealer partner, Ten-8 Fire Equipment, in Daytona Beach, Florida this week for Fire Rescue EAST. FRE will be held January 22-25, 2020. Hosted by the Florida Fire Chiefs’ Association, FRE is a leading management tradeshow in the field of fire. It boasts hands-on training and educational lectures, as well as a large vendor exhibition. Braun Regional Sales Manager, Jarret Hammons, will join representatives from Ten-8 Fire Equipment in Booth #1101.

Fire Rescue EAST will take place at Ocean Center, a beach convention center complex. Dates and exhibit hall hours are Thursday, January 23rd from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm, Friday, January 24th from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, and Saturday, January 25th from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm.  Those interested in learning more about Braun Ambulances should head to Booth #1101, home of Ten-8 Fire Equipment. Ten-8 is a long-standing member of our dealer network and a premier partner; they also represent Crestline Coach. They provide new ambulance sales and service for Braun in Florida and Georgia.

Among the units and equipment on display in their space, Ten-8 will be showcasing a Braun Chief XL Type I Ford F550 4×4 ambulance from the City of St. Petersburg. The unit features a Proair heat/AC system, Buell air horns, rear view camera, Whelen lighting, auto-eject shoreline, V4 harness seating, underseat storage, and much more. Braun exclusive innovations, such as our SolidBody Construction, EZ Glide Sliding Door, MasterTech Multiplex Electrical System, rounded edge, all aluminum interior cabinetry, are also showcased on this unit.

Stop by Booth #1101 Thursday through Saturday to see this great ambulance on display. While you’re there, learn more about the incredible sales and service they provide through Ten-8 Fire Equipment and theirsix Florida locations! Their ambulance team, comprised of Cindy Morgan, David Bartley, Eric Wilcox, Michael Day, and Wayne Stowell, are an exceptional group. Their collective knowledge on new ambulance features and design considerations are second to none; we know all our Florida and Georgia customers are in great hands with Ten-8.

In addition, Ten-8 will also have the new Crestline CCL 150 Type III ambulance on display. This unit highlights safety and durability at an affordable price.  Chuck Burgess, Our Demers/Crestline Reginal Sales Manager will also be in attendance.

Braun Ambulances’ Chad Brown to Present at FDSOA 2020

Each year, the Fire Department Safety Officers Association (FDSOA) hosts a Fire Apparatus, Safety, and Maintenance Conference to help provide a better understanding of apparatus used in the Fire & EMS industry. The event will be held January 13-15,2020 at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. The event features presentations from leading industry individuals, apparatus and equipment managers, and includes breakout sessions and networking events. Chad Brown, Vice President of US Sales for Demers, Braun, and Crestline will present at FDSOA 2020 as part of the breakout session focused on ambulances. Regional Sales Manager Jason Adair will also be in attendance.

Chad will present alongside John McDonald of the General Services Administration (GSA); John is the custodian of the Federal Specification for Ambulances (KKK-A-1822). During their session, Chad and John will discuss the change notices that impact NFPA 1917, CAAS, and KKK. As patient care options and ambulances have evolved, the standards surrounding ambulances have evolved, too. During this session, Chad and John will delve a little deeper into just what these standards mean for your department, your ambulances, your crew, and your patients.

In the 2019 edition of NFPA 1917, there are changes including clarified language and revised text regarding third-party testing and certification, as well as self-certification by the FSAM. There is also mention of new crash tests from the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Finally, there is an addition of a Chapter 10 and Annex C, which provide requirements and additional advice to assist in the purchase of remounted or refurbished ambulances.

For more information on his presentation, you can contact Chad Brown at

Braun Ambulances honors 2019 NAEMT EMT of the Year

Each year, Braun Ambulances partners with NAEMT (National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians) to recognize an emergency medical technician who demonstrates outstanding emergency medical services to those that they serve. The recipient’s primary role should be that of prehospital care, but those nominated often go beyond the call of service.

The winner of the 2019 NAEMT EMT of the Year Award is Freya Whalen. Freya is an EMT for CoxHealth in Springfield, Missouri. Freya is a volunteer fire lieutenant and EMT for the 911 and transfer hospital-based service. Freya works diligently to provide EMS knowledge to her peers in fire and EMS services, as well as future and student EMTs, by working as an EMT field training officer and instructor. Freya was nominated for the award by her peer Aerla McCoy who said, “Freya is honest and genuinely compassionate to her patients, making them feel taken care of. She has a drive to make the patient experience the best healing experience possible. She is a shining example of an EMT.”

Freya has worked with communities to train them on the importance CPR, bleeding control, AED use, and injury prevention and safety. Freya has also worked as an advocate for child safety, EMS practitioner safety and resilience, and patient care. When she was interviewed by a local publication, Freya said, “In healthcare, we are given a rare opportunity to be there for someone in their darkest time and to help them. Be it big or small, the things we do and say are important.”

Freya and other National EMS Award winners were honored during NAEMT’s Membership Meeting and during the 2019 EMS World Opening Ceremony. The event was held in New Orleans, Louisiana on October 15-16, 2019. “It’s an honor for us to be able to recognize those who provide such excellent patient care as EMTs,” says Chad Brown, VP of Sales and Marketing at Braun Ambulances. “It truly gives us a chance to honor those who dedicate their lives to their patients and profession. Congratulations, Freya Whalen, and thank you for all that you do for your community!”

Congratulations, Freya!

Braun Ambulances Expands Ambulance Sales Team – The ambulance manufacturer announces additions to new ambulance sales team

At Braun Ambulances, we’re committed to providing an “exceptional customer experience from a premier ambulance manufacturer.” An important part of providing this quality customer service is hiring qualified and dedicated personnel. To accommodate their growing ambulance sales and service territories, Braun Ambulances has added nine additional members to the ambulance sales team.

Braun Ambulances is pleased to welcome Tony Butler, Steve Richardson, and Gary Ford to the engineering and applications team. As part of this team, Tony, Steve, and Gary work with Braun dealers and customers to produce their 2D drawings for price-quoting and proposals. Each has previously worked for Braun and brings something different to their new positions.

Tony Butler joined the Braun family in October of 2006, working for various departments including the fabrication, maintenance, and engineering teams. Tony’s mother and father worked for Braun Industries for over 30 years each and were volunteer fire and EMS personnel, respectively. Tony’s sister has also worked as a volunteer fire and EMS provider, as well as a full-time EMT. With a family history so deep in the field, Tony understands the importance of building a safe and efficient ambulance. When asked what he enjoys most about his new position, Tony said “I like the freedom of helping a customer decide what will flow best for their new unit. [I also] like the customer interaction and showing them what we are capable of building.” In his spare time, Tony spends his time gaming, playing a variety of sports, and has an interest in cars and motorcycles.

Steve Richardson joined the Braun family in April 2018. Steve has an associate degree in mechanical drafting and engineering technology. Steve has a family history of EMS providers, including a sister, brother-in-law, and niece who have worked in the field of fire and EMS. In his spare time, Steve enjoys spending time outdoors and hunting.

Gary Ford has been with Braun Ambulances for nearly 37 years. Gary joined the Braun family in December of 1982, starting in the body shop. Gary worked as a volunteer EMT for six years, and his wife is a 911 dispatcher. Gary says that he enjoys “working with our dealers to find solutions/improvements to what the customer has requested,” as part of his new position. In his spare time, Gary enjoys woodworking, cycling on the many bike trails in his area, antiques, and anything hands-on.

Braun Ambulances has also expanded their pricing team with the addition of Connie Slagle, Mark Turnwald, and Penny Richardson. Connie, Mark, and Penny work to help quote ambulances, amongst other tasks. These individuals have each worked previously for Braun and bring their extensive knowledge of the company to their new positions.

Connie Slagle has worked for Braun Ambulances since 2000. Before working for Braun, Connie worked as Plant Manager for a company that produced seats, line set, and interior chassis panels for Navistar International stateside and Canada divisions. Connie’s son-in-law works as a full-time firefighter/EMS provider, so she knows how important it is for customers to get ambulances that are safe. In her new position, Connie enjoys experience new challenges. In her free time, Connie enjoys cooking, hiking, reading, and volunteer work.

Mark Turnwald has worked for Braun since 2013. Previously, Mark worked at Derry Drugs for 25 years. With an associate degree in accounting, Mark was a great fit for this position. Mark says he enjoys working with his co-workers and enjoys that there is something different almost every day in his new position. In his spare time, Mark enjoys swimming and yardwork, as well as cheering for the Cincinnati Reds and Bengals and The Ohio State Buckeyes.

Penny Richardson has been with Braun since 2007, working in the ambulance industry and retail previously. Penny has an associate degree in accounting, giving her the knowledge needed to excel in her new position. Penny’s husband was a firefighter for over 20 years and currently works as a first responder. In her spare time, Penny enjoys repurposing items, crafting, volunteering, and spending time with her family.

The ambulance manufacturer has also expanded their order review team with the addition of Michelle Tate, Stepheni Hoehn, and Travis Parsons. These individuals work to review new orders and discuss any open issues with dealers and customers.

Michelle Tate has been with Braun since January 2015. Michelle was raised in a family deeply involved with the Ohio City Fire Department, instilling a passion for the fire and EMS industry in her. Her grandfather worked as Chief of the department for 35 years and her father worked as assistant chief for many years as well. Michelle grew up around the department, which used Braun ambulances, allowing her to learn about the company and the apparatus. Throughout her time with Braun, Michelle has worked in various positions, including as an electrical analyst and material scheduler. In her spare time, Michelle enjoys spending time with her 2-year old son, Pierce, and her husband Teddy, who also works at Braun. She also enjoys spending time with her friends and other family members.

Stepheni Hoehn has been with Braun Ambulances since February of 2018. Stepheni joined the Braun family to become part of a bigger team that produces something amazing. Prior to her position at Braun, Stepheni worked in production in PSI and as a supervisor with another company. When asked what she likes most about her job at Braun, Stepheni said “[We’re] one big family here. Everyone works together and helps each other out when needed.” In her spare time, Stepheni enjoys spending quality time with her family and going camping.

Travis Parsons has been with Braun for over 14 years. Travis joined the Braun family because he knew the quality of the product being built and the family atmosphere of the company. Travis says his favorite part of his job is “The chance to work [hand in hand] with our dealers and customers in the process of building their new units.” Travis works as the assistant fire chief for his local fire department, giving him the insight needed in producing efficient ambulances. In his spare time, Travis enjoys spending time with his children, coaching, being involved with volunteer work for his kids’ schools, volunteering for his fire and EMS department, and playing music with his band.

Braun Ambulances has been fortunate to find so many wonderful employees over the years, and the additions to our ambulance sales team are a testament to that. “[These individuals] have immersed themselves in our family-focused company culture and they take pride in the products we build,” says Chad Brown, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Braun Ambulances. “We look forward to watching Connie, Tony, Penny, Travis, Gary, Steve, Mark, Michelle, and Stepheni flourish in these unique roles.” This newly expanded ambulance sales team will positively impact the Braun team, the dealer network, and the end customer.

For questions regarding the sales team expansion, please contact Chad Brown at

About Demers-Braun:

Demers Ambulances, Braun Industries, and Crestline Coach Ltd are three distinct brands owned by Demers-Braun. The second largest ambulance manufacturing organization in North America, Demers-Braun has been recognized for leadership in innovative design and quality products. With over a 140-years of combined history serving the emergency response market worldwide, Demers Ambulances, Braun Industries and Crestline Coach Ltd offer a wide-range of ambulances, specialty vehicles, and small to mid-sized buses. To learn more about the respective brands, visit their websites at,, and

Ambulance Manufacturers – Demers, Braun, and Crestline Coach – Join Forces to Be “Better Together” at our First Ever Three-Brand Sales Meeting

Recently, we joined our partner brands – Demers Ambulances and Crestline Coach Ltd – to host our first collective sales meeting for dealer principals and sales representatives in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This three-brand sales meeting was entitled “Better Together” and hosted nearly 200 participants. Held October 28-30, 2019 at the Grand Wayne Convention Center, roughly 30 miles from Braun’s factory in Van Wert, Ohio, the educational and networking event was a huge success!  A full gallery of images can be seen on Facebook here.

“We were extremely excited to host all our dealer principals and sales representatives in Fort Wayne this past week,” says Chad Brown, DBC Vice President of US Sales. “The turnout was fabulous and the level of experience we had at the event was second to none.  We had a fantastic guest speaker and the shared learning sessions were first class. I look forward to our upcoming three-brand Service Training Meeting in April at the same location.  I want to thank our teams for the hard work they put into making this an absolutely fantastic event, and to our dealer partners for their investment of time in coming to learn more about the DBC family of products.”

Dealer and vendor partners gathered in the Grand Wayne Convention Center the evening of Monday, October 28, 2019 to kick things off. The Dealer Reception and Vendor Showcase was a social event where dealers principals and sales representatives could mingle with vendor partners, and internal DBC employees. Vendor partners educated attendees on the latest technology and equipment options available for their Demers, Braun, and Crestline ambulance units. Everyone enjoyed a delicious meal and presentation, which set the tone for a wonderful event.  

Tuesday, October 29th was packed full of informational sessions. Morning presentations included highlights from company presidents, Alain Brunelle and Kim Braun, on important topics such as the state of DBC, industry safety standards, and more. In the afternoon, attendees separated into unique tracks geared towards brand knowledge enhancement. The group reconvened in the late afternoon for more presentations and closing remarks. That evening, attendees “rolled the dice” on a Vegas-themed networking event and dinner.

The final day of the meeting allowed attendees to “choose their own adventure.” They were given the option to leave Fort Wayne and travel to Van Wert, Ohio for a plant tour of Braun’s Type I and Type III production line, as well as the Demers’ Type II production line. Those that stayed behind participated in an in-depth, hands-on training session. Everyone came back together for lunch and closing remarks, prior to heading home on Wednesday afternoon.

THANK YOU to all the dealer principals, sales representatives, and vendor partners that joined us to make this meeting a success. In addition, we’d like to acknowledge the efforts of our internal employees that helped plan and execute the meeting. The Grand Wayne Convention Center was an incredible venue, and we can’t wait to be back together again for our Service Training Meeting in April 2020!

New Ambulance Dealer for Texas, New Mexico, & Louisiana

Van Wert, November 7th, 2019Braun Industries Inc., an industry leader in the global ambulance manufacturing market, welcomes industry leading, Siddons-Martin Emergency Group, as their new Braun dealer for Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana.

 “We are extremely excited to have Siddons-Martin Emergency Group as part of our dealer family. “said Chad Brown, Vice-President Sales at Braun Industries Inc. “They have years of experience and provide unmatched service to their customers in Texas, Louisiana, and New Mexico. The Siddons-Martin Group have outstanding facilities to provide that elite level of customer service that our customers have come to know. They have an unrivaled sales team that provides world class customer service. We welcome the entire Siddons-Martin organization to the Braun family of dealers and look forward to our future together.”

Siddons-Martin has been serving the Southwest region since 1974. The company provides Ambulances, Brush Trucks, Pumpers, Ladders, Platforms, Tankers, Rescues, Command, and Specialty apparatus to customers in New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana.

“We are proud to partner with Braun Industries Inc., a company that shares our dedication to excellence and commitment to customer service,” said Pat Siddons, President of Sales at Siddons-Martin. “The quality of their products and integrity of the team made this a natural fit and we are delighted to add Braun Ambulances to our product offerings.”

To learn more about Braun products or to find your local dealer, visit


About Braun Industries Inc.

Braun Industries and Demers Ambulances merged in 2018 creating the second largest ambulance manufacturing organization in North America. Crestline Coach, a global leader in ambulance and specialty vehicle manufacturing and a Canadian distributor of small to mid-sized commercial buses joined the brand lineup in 2018. These three great brands are recognized for leadership in innovative design, quality product, and for their over 100-years of rich history serving the emergency response market in over 20 countries worldwide.  Demers, Braun and Crestline offer ambulance models ranging from the price-conscience value ambulance to the very highly-customized specialty vehicle.  To learn more about how Demers Ambulances, Braun Industries and Crestline Coach can help you save more lives, visit , and

About Siddons-Martin Emergency Group

Siddons-Martin Emergency Group, since 1974, provides the highest quality emergency vehicle products and services to its customers and the communities they serve.  Siddons-Martin Emergency Group is the region’s preeminent leader in emergency vehicle sales, parts, and service with 16 service centers located throughout Texas, Louisiana, and New Mexico. They offer a stellar lineup of ambulances, brush trucks, pumpers, ladders, platforms, tankers, rescues, command, and specialty apparatus from Pierce Manufacturing, Oshkosh, Skeeter Brush Trucks, Road Rescue, Wheeled Coach and Demers Ambulances.

Braun To Display Type I and Type III Ambulances at EMS World 2019

The ambulance manufacturer will showcase four new ambulances in Booth #1018.

Braun Ambulances will attend EMS World Expo 2019. The event will take place October 14-18, 2019 in New Orleans, Louisiana. EMS World Expo draws over 340 exhibitors and 6,500 attendees from more than 50 countries. Braun Ambulances will be displaying four ambulances in Booth #1018, next to their partner company, Demers Ambulances (Booth #1119).

EMS World Expo is one of the largest events in the industry, offering workshops, educational courses, special events, presentations, and much more. This year, “EMS World is taking you places.” The pre-conference workshops and three days of educational programming give attendees access to cutting-edge training to increase the quality of patient care and covers the hottest topics in the field of EMS.

Braun Ambulances will be in booth #1018. They will have four new ambulances on display, including units from Duke Life Flight, Pocono Mountain Regional EMS, Christian County Ambulance District, and Ridgeview Medical Center. Each unit is Built for Life, featuring Braun’s standard safety innovations like the EZ-Glide Door, SolidBody Construction, all-aluminum, fully welded- cabinetry, and more. 

Braun Ambulances is excited to showcase a new Duke Life Flight unit from Durham, North Carolina. This Super Chief Type I ambulance on an International 4300 crew cab chassis is a Critical Care Transport ambulance for the University of Duke. These ambulances are all equipped with Rosco Vision Systems®, StealthPower Idle Reduction system, and EVS custom embroidered seats. These units also feature custom lowered counter tops and Stealth Power Idle Reduction Systems. The new Duke Life Flight ambulances also include custom exterior cab steps, an entertainment system in the patient compartment, custom graphics, and the trademarked Duke blue. Braun thanks Duke Life Flight and Spartan Fire and Emergency Apparatus for their cooperation in displaying this unit.

Braun will also showcase one of Christian County Ambulance District’s new Chief XL Type I ambulances. This gray and white ambulance is built on a Ford F-550 4×4 chassis and helps the CCAD provide advanced life support to portions of Christian County in Ozark, Missouri. This ambulance features a Vanner Invertor, Braun’s exclusive MasterTech IV multiplex electrical system with Vista Controls at the MCC and ACP, and ProAir, LLC heating and air conditioning. The unit also features Braun’s EZ-O2 Lift and Stryker’s Power-LOAD system. Braun thanks Christian County Ambulance District and Pinnacle Emergency Vehicles for their cooperation in displaying this vehicle.

Ridgeview Medical Center in Waconia, Minnesota will have a 2019 custom Express Type III ambulance on a Ford E-350 gas chassis on display. This ambulance features a Vanner Invertor, Braun’s exclusive MasterTech IV multiplex electrical system with Vista Controls at the MCC and ACP, and a ProAir, LLC HVAC system. The unit also features a Stryker Power-LOAD system for increased patient and crew mobility. Thank you to Ridgeview Medical Center and North Central Emergency Vehicles for your assistance in showing this unit.

Lastly, Pocono Mountain Regional EMS from Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania will be displaying an Express Plus Type I ambulance on a Ford F450 4×4 chassis. This unit features TOMAR’s Preemption Traffic Control, which is designed to communicate with traffic control systems for increased emergency vehicle safety. The unit also features LiquidSpring Suspension, anti-microbial assist handles, universal taping plate for cot fastening, and an EVS Hi-Bac attendant seat. Braun would like to thank Pocono Mountain Regional EMS and Glick Fire Equipment for their collaboration in showcasing this unit.

“EMS World is one of our favorite shows,” says Chad Brown, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Braun Ambulances. “We will be showcasing some wonderful customer units and we cannot wait to see our customers and future customers at the expo. More importantly, our partner brands – Demers and Crestlines – are debuting the new CCL 150 at the show. We are so excited for them and cannot wait to see the reactions in their booth!” In addition to Brown, Regional Sales Managers Jason Adair, Jarret Hammons, and Jeff Grasto will attend the show, alongside Kim Braun and Troy Miller. They will be joined by several of Braun’s dealer partners from across the United States.

Braun Ambulances will be on display in booth #1018 next to their partner company, Demers Ambulances, during the exposition. Exhibit hall hours are Wednesday, October 16 from 11:00 AM – 4:30 PM, Thursday, October 17 from 11:00 AM – 4:30 PM, and Friday, October 18 from 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM.