Medina Hospital Life Support Team

Medina Life Support Team (LST) is the primary EMS provider for the City of Medina. Paramedic squads are based at three locations, Medina Fire Station 1 (Reagan Parkway), Medina Hospital, and Montville Safety Service Center (Montville Township), and operate 24 hours every day. Medina Life Support Team paramedics operate under the guidance of the Medical Director and the Cleveland Clinic Emergency Services Institute using the latest EMT protocols and technology. Medics have the ability to connect directly to Cleveland Clinic resources, such as cardiology and Critical Care Transport, when dealing with cardiac emergencies and expediting life-saving treatment for these patients.

  • 7058
  • New Ambulance
  • Chief XL
  • Ford E-450 4 x 2
  • Type III
  • Green
  • October 28, 2016
  • Medina, Ohio
  • Penn Care, Inc.
  • Don Bloom