City of Detroit

The City of Detroit’s Fire Department operates out of 34 fire stations, with a staff of over 800 firefighters. They work to assist EMS, as all firefighters are also trained medical first responders. It services the entire city of Detroit, and responds to approximately 165,000 emergency calls annually. There were three units delivered in this order, but it is part of a bigger order for the City of Detroit. There will be 14 units delivered by the end of 2017; 49 units were ordered total. 

There were three units in this delivery. 

  • 7441-7443
  • New Ambulance
  • Chief XL
  • Ford F-550
  • Type I
  • Red
  • November 20, 2017
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Kodiak Emergency Vehicles
  • Ahren Taszreak