Region 1 News

Region 1 News


I want to start by congratulating the team at NERV for their work on getting some ambulances ready for FDNY – great job! Also, thank you to Chance  Kimble and Mike Bowman for getting orders in during this time. I am hearing a lot of good things from some of you on future orders as well, keep working it!

On the delivery side, things are going well! You all are doing a great job with the deliveries. I want to thank you all for working with us on that!

As of now, the tour, mid-point, and final inspection rules for COVID-19 are still being followed. We will let you know when this changes. The dealer weekly updates have gone to bi-weekly; we will update you on those calls with any new info.

In other news, FDIC has officially cancelled their show for the year. Stay safe out there and continue pushing forward!



Friendly Reminders

CPQ: CPQ is up and running.Once a quote is submitted, these are the next steps that a quote goes through.

  1. Applications Engineers get drawings to update from dealer loaded files in CPQ.
  2. Order review goes through the order with new drawings and sends them to pricing
  3. Pricing reviews and send quote back to dealer.

Pricing is the last group that sees your quoe before it is returned. Remember, you still need to markup drawings and send them in.  

  • Error Messages: If you receive an error message, please take a screenshot and send it over with the Quote number. We will place a ticket for you. We have had some issues, but were able to resolve them with that information. Most of all, please remember to clear your CACHE and click SAVE frequently.

Remount Tool: This order tool is now on BOX and ready for use. Please be on the lookout for invites on training. Going forward, we will use this tool for remounts. 

Final Inspection: Please remember that if you cannot travel, video inspections are always an option. You can also have the unit delivered to you and conduct the inspection at your shop, then submit a gig list to Braun Warranty Department for corrections. If you can travel and are planning to come to Braun to do your final inspection, we are still only allowing 1 person from the dealership and 2 from the customer’s department. That is a total of 3. Please do not bring more than 3 individuals. 

When planning to attend a final inspection, you must submit the questionnaire for attendance to Braun before coming up for the inspection. If not, you will not be allowed to complete the final inspection. This is for your protection ,as much as it ours.

Tradeshows: If you have any tradeshows that have not been cancelled, as of now, please provide that list to us.

Written by Jason Adair, Region 1 Regional Sales Manager