An Ambulance Remount with Braun

In the Emergency Response industry, your ambulance must be ready to serve at a moment’s notice. It must be reliable and safe, so your department and community can depend on it. Demanding the most from your emergency vehicle takes a toll overtime. Even with the best preventive maintenance plan and quality service repairs, your ambulance chassis will eventually become unreliable and need replaced. However, your ambulance module can still continue to serve you – and that’s where Braun Industries’ experienced team of remount professionals can help. Braun Industries now offers ambulance remount and refurbishment services DIRECT in our new Service facility.

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Be Smart With Your Money

When we say our ambulance modules are “Built for Life,” we mean it. We can help you maximize your investment in your current ambulance module by placing it on a new chassis and upgrading internal features to the latest industry standards. Some departments have been able to remount the same module multiple times, saving money and maximizing the use of their existing unit each time. An ambulance remount with Braun is smart investing for the long term, and fits your budget in the short term. In fact, remounting and refurbishing an existing ambulance can save anywhere between 20 – 50% over buying new.

Ambulance Remount Professionals You Can Count On

When it comes to remounting your Braun ambulance, who better to assist you than the original equipment manufacturer (OEM)? We have detailed records on the history of your ambulance, including original programming files, complete electrical schematics, and any warranty service work that has been done over the years. As the OEM, we also have access to the newest technology and innovations. An ambulance remount and refurbish with Braun means we can efficiently upgrade your unit to current model year standards.

The same team of in-house design, electrical, and chassis specialists that built your unit originally will lend their expertise to your remount and refurbishment project. Our engineering resources are skilled in rebuild, repair, modifications, and upgrades. We can also complete conversions from a Type III to Type I configuration, and vice versa. Electrical engineers at Braun can move your unit from a traditional electrical system to a Multiplex system, as well as incorporate other technological advancements and upgrades. They also handle chassis integration and wiring, and develop as-built schematics. Each step in the process is well documented, resulting in a like-new ambulance complete with thorough documentation for future in-house service work.

Industry Connections to Serve You Better

As a member of the NFPA 1917 Standards Committee, Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS), and KKK Standard Committee, we are well versed on the latest ambulance safety and design standards. We are also a Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier, NTEA Ambulance Manufacturers Division member and MVP participant, and member of the Fire Department Safety Operators Association and Fire Apparatus Manufacturers’ Association, among others. We operate within strict compliance to KKK, FMVSS, and DOT standards on all operations performed on your remount. Furthermore, all work is completed in our state-of-the-art 50,000 square foot facility by the same experienced team of Braun technicians that build our custom ambulances day in and day out.

Unlike other ambulance remount facilities, we have a dedicated chassis coordinator who has access to 9 chassis manufacturers. This gives you access to over 46 chassis platforms to choose from, and the opportunity to change your chassis platform during the remount process. Our unique buying agreement and preferential delivery schedules with Ford and GM may also help reduce the time it takes to remount your ambulance with us versus another remount provided.

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