Oxygen Cylinder Lift & Storage Compartment Solution

E-Z O2 Lift

Braun Industries is proud to introduce their latest innovation, the E-Z 02 Lift – a compact oxygen cylinder lift and storage compartment. While an oxygen lift is not a revolutionary idea in the EMS industry, Braun engineers spent much time evaluating the current market options and improving on them for the design and release of the E-Z 02 Lift. This built-in hydraulic cylinder lift offers a smaller footprint than traditional lifts. It is also less cumbersome than an electric scissor lift option.

Every ambulance carries oxygen for patient care. Loading and unloading these bulky oxygen bottles is hard work – and it’s dangerous! According to a 2012 study from NAEMT, half of all EMS workers suffer back pain annually from handling such equipment. In addition, one in four EMS practitioners will suffer a career ending back injury within the first four years of service. With the new E-Z 02 Lift from Braun Industries, maintaining your oxygen supply has never been easier.

The E-Z 02 Lift utilizes a nitrogen filled gas spring to raise and lower the oxygen bottle into a stowed position, without electrical components. This eliminates work safety hazards and back injuries associated with lifting heavy oxygen bottles. It also protects your module by reducing damage to the ambulance compartment, as the tank carefully moves in and out of the box. Lastly, the E-Z 02 Lift frees up space by storing the bottle in the compartment door to maximize the storage area for life saving equipment.

The E-Z 02 Lift is available for integration into all Braun ambulance models. Departments concerned about the forthcoming NFPA 1917 standards are encouraged to include the E-Z 02 Lift option in their next emergency vehicle design and purchase. A cost-effective solution over competitor lift systems, the E-Z 02 Lift is a new Braun innovation worth looking into.

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