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Since the beginning, Braun Industries has been a US-based ambulance manufacturer. Everything from sales to design and production to delivery is handled on the Braun Campus located in Van Wert, Ohio. We have two facilities, our Manufacturing Plant (1170 Production Drive) and our Corporate Offices and Service Facility (1171 Productive Drive).

We proudly fabricate all components of our module in-house, along with many of the key structural elements such as cabinetry and our EZ Glide™ Door. 

Like our ambulances, Braun Industries is built strong. Our company has endured challenging events over the years; most notability an F4 tornado that ripped through the facility on November 10, 2002. With each new challenge presented, we see room for growth and improvement.

Today, our Manufacturing Plant is located at 1170 Production Drive in Van Wert, Ohio. It features 105,000 square feet dedicated solely to ambulance manufacturing. Our propriety SolidBody™ Construction process demands the best equipment and skilled personnel.

Open for tours, customers and potential customers can step inside our facility to see:

  • CNC Komo Router
  • CNC Trumpf Punch Machine
  • Cincinnati Brake Press
  • Lincoln Aluminum Pulse Welders
  • 40,000 lb Clydesdale 4-Corner Carbon Steel Low Profile Floor Scale System
  • Spraybake Paint Booths
Can’t make the trip out? We encourage you to watch the full video regarding our Order & Build process.

Focused on providing an exceptional customer service experience as the premier ambulance manufacturer, we have consolidated our corporate offices in with our service facility. Located at 1171 Production Drive, we’re a few hundred feet away from our Manufacturing Plant on the Braun Campus. This secondary facility features 49,500 square feet of combined office, service space, and Type II ambulance production. 

This additional location includes:

  • 2 Paint Booths
  • Sanding Room
  • Vehicle Lifts
  • Metal Fabrication Equipment
  • Electrical Workshop
  • Stock Room Area

Under the service umbrella, all factory-direct ambulance remounts are handled here. In 2018, we also added a final inspection area with customer meeting room, as well as a production loop for Demers’ Type II van ambulances.