Key Advantages of the EZ Glide™ Door


  • Eliminates swinging door into traffic or in confined areas
  • Improves safety at the scene by eliminating “blind spots” and line of sight obstacles
  • Door is not affected by wind or traffic created gusts
  • Provides easy in and out access; no need to reach or walk around protruding door
  • Strong welded track assembly is integrated into the module design for proven, reliable operation – not an add-on addition
  • Door slides wide open, out of the way
  • Easy to open and close, both inside and out

Safety and convenience are the key advantages to the new EZ Glide™ sliding side entry door offered by Braun Industries, Inc. By sliding the door out of the way, snug up against the module, the door does not open into traffic, create blind spots, or restrict personnel from getting in or out of the module.