Real-time troubleshooting & remote maintenance save you time and money

Braun Ambulances is proud to introduce MasterTech FleetConnect™, the first connectivity platform designed specifically for ambulances. This connectivity platforms lengthens the life of your vehicle, reduces unplanned downtime, and empowers remote maintenance and troubleshooting in real-time. MasterTech FleetConnect™ has the ability to not only monitor the chassis and engine network for preventative maintenance, but also allows for real-time monitoring and updates of the electrical system inside of the ambulance. This technology earned MasterTech FleetConnect™ a 2018 JEMS Hot Product distinction! 

MasterTech FleetConnect™ was created in partnership with IDEX Fire and Safety to make ambulances safer, make them last longer, and to save municipal departments time daily. For Braun Ambulance dealers, this product allows for a holistic view of the ambulances in a given area, giving operators the chance to proactively monitor for vehicle alerts. For those at the municipality level, MasterTech FleetConnect™ provides 24/7 remote support from the dealer network and Braun Ambulances. In addition, all ambulances equipped with the product can be updated remotely, providing customers with ambulances that can be updated in near real-time. 

How does it work? 

MasterTech FleetConnect™ uses Microsoft’s secure cloud platform to make all of this possible. MasterTech FleetConnect™ allows for local wireless connection to a vehicle via Bluetooth Low Energy, as well as remote connectivity via the MasterTech FleetConnect™  Vehicle IoT Gateway. Once installed on the vehicle, Braun Ambulances can wirelessly report to local users via mobile phone or remotely to dealers and Braun via a web dashboard. 

Features & Benefits

Diagnostics and Updates

  • J1939 and OBD-II support for engine and chassis health diagnostics
  • MasterTech multiplex electrical diagnostics, including open short detection, faults, and data logging
  • Ability to update MasterTech electrical components “over-the-air,” eliminating laptops, cables, and software to perform basic multiplex system updates
  • Real-time event alerts based on customer’s configured parameters

Vehicle & Asset Tracking

  • GPS, GLONASS, Galileo: real-time latitude/longitude tracking for live viewing and vehicle run playback 
  • Optional: asset tracking solution 

Built-in Technology 

  • No monthly subscription fee
  • Built on the Microsoft Cloud for enhanced security, scalability, and document storage
  • Onboard Bluetooth
  • Embedded LTE Cellular connectivity 
  • Ethernet port for optional 3rd party vehicle router integration 
  • Up to four independent CAN network support for system expandability

Real-time Information & Access

  • Mobile application for local vehicle troubleshooting, including iOS and Android support
  • Control basic ambulance functions from mobile app 
  • Pull up Web Dashboard for a holistic fleet view