More than just a pretty face!

The first thing you’ll notice about the MasterTech IV™ is the new color display screens with the larger font sizes and the “at –a-glance” off and on color blocks. The housing design is also new with more stylish appearance and new backlit button layout. But there’s much more than just its looks that is new and improved.

The function and capabilities of microprocessor based multiplex electrical systems continues to expand and evolve, offering significant advantages over traditional rocker switch and relay based systems. The fundamental advantages all remain in the new model, such as using microprocessors in place of mechanical components, utilizing multiple processors to spread the load in place of a central “mother” board, the power modulation capability, and internal diagnostic functions. But there are many new features that make the MasterTech IV™ state-of-the-art in emergency vehicle electrical control systems.

Improved control panel design includes touch button control of all emergency warning systems, warning messages, door ajar visual indicator, and access to additional menu screens.

A clock timer function provides easy selection of pre-programmed time intervals with “seconds” elapsed sweep display and digital elapsed time reading.

The new MasterTech IV™ combines the best of all worlds. It integrates a touch interactive display screen, 7 dedicated legend driven buttons, 8 dedicated menu driven buttons, and four individual video inputs. The optional touch screen capabilities now provide a seamless integration for Global Positioning Sensor based interfaces.