Braun SolidBody™ Construction ambulances are built as one integrated module from .125″ flat-sheet, marine grade aluminum. The floor, roof, sides and doors are all constructed from brake formed parts with fully welded seams. Since there is no separate extruded frame, SolidBody™ Construction reduces the weight and adds strength, providing many significant advantages.

In the event of impact, SolidBody™ design incorporates all body components into one integrated module, absorbing impact, minimizing the transferred damage, and providing added safety.

Precision engineering and quality begin with 3D modeling software and computer controlled routers, punch machines and brake presses ensuring all components are manufactured to close tolerances for exceptional stability and durability in our ambulance bodies.

In our design, special attention is given to the floor design and construction to increase safety and strength of the module. Floor laterals are .190″ aluminum with full side lateral weld seams and cross braces. Reinforcement plates for chassis mount, cot hardware and attendant seat installation are added for increased safety.

Our arched roof design allows for more internal headroom, gives more strength to the module roof, and eliminates water and snow pooling. Roof braces overlap with full length side rails to create exceptional strength and safety.

Braun SolidBody™ ambulances offer a smooth, quiet, and comfortable ride. The module design provides a very low center of gravity and exceptional balance across the axles, allowing the vehicle to hug the road and stop smoothly and evenly. During the construction process, sprayed-on foam insulation in the ceiling, walls, doors, and the entire underside of the body provides acoustical and thermal insulation to eliminate road and environment noises.

SolidBody™ Construction is lighter and stronger so you can carry more personnel, more patients and more gear!