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Ambulance Manufacturers – Demers, Braun, and Crestline Coach – Join Forces to Be “Better Together” at our First Ever Three-Brand Sales Meeting

Originally published on November 20, 2019
Updated on November 20, 2019
By Braun Ambulances

Recently, we joined our partner brands – Demers Ambulances and Crestline Coach Ltd – to host our first collective sales meeting for dealer principals and sales representatives in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This three-brand sales meeting was entitled “Better Together” and hosted nearly 200 participants. Held October 28-30, 2019 at the Grand Wayne Convention Center, roughly 30 miles from Braun’s factory in Van Wert, Ohio, the educational and networking event was a huge success!  A full gallery of images can be seen on Facebook here.

“We were extremely excited to host all our dealer principals and sales representatives in Fort Wayne this past week,” says Chad Brown, DBC Vice President of US Sales. “The turnout was fabulous and the level of experience we had at the event was second to none.  We had a fantastic guest speaker and the shared learning sessions were first class. I look forward to our upcoming three-brand Service Training Meeting in April at the same location.  I want to thank our teams for the hard work they put into making this an absolutely fantastic event, and to our dealer partners for their investment of time in coming to learn more about the DBC family of products.”

Dealer and vendor partners gathered in the Grand Wayne Convention Center the evening of Monday, October 28, 2019 to kick things off. The Dealer Reception and Vendor Showcase was a social event where dealers principals and sales representatives could mingle with vendor partners, and internal DBC employees. Vendor partners educated attendees on the latest technology and equipment options available for their Demers, Braun, and Crestline ambulance units. Everyone enjoyed a delicious meal and presentation, which set the tone for a wonderful event.  

Tuesday, October 29th was packed full of informational sessions. Morning presentations included highlights from company presidents, Alain Brunelle and Kim Braun, on important topics such as the state of DBC, industry safety standards, and more. In the afternoon, attendees separated into unique tracks geared towards brand knowledge enhancement. The group reconvened in the late afternoon for more presentations and closing remarks. That evening, attendees “rolled the dice” on a Vegas-themed networking event and dinner.

The final day of the meeting allowed attendees to “choose their own adventure.” They were given the option to leave Fort Wayne and travel to Van Wert, Ohio for a plant tour of Braun’s Type I and Type III production line, as well as the Demers’ Type II production line. Those that stayed behind participated in an in-depth, hands-on training session. Everyone came back together for lunch and closing remarks, prior to heading home on Wednesday afternoon.

THANK YOU to all the dealer principals, sales representatives, and vendor partners that joined us to make this meeting a success. In addition, we’d like to acknowledge the efforts of our internal employees that helped plan and execute the meeting. The Grand Wayne Convention Center was an incredible venue, and we can’t wait to be back together again for our Service Training Meeting in April 2020!

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