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Ambulance Safety

Ambulance Safety Seating and Design Webinar

Originally published on September 1, 2011
Updated on October 31, 2019
By Braun Ambulances
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Last month, Braun Industries had the pleasure of teaming up with Serenity Safety Products to deliver a webinar for EMSWorld. The webcast, titled “Ambulance Safety Seating and Design”, was given by Chad Brown of Braun Industries and Kevin Gallagher of Serenity Safety Products. Compliments of EMSWorld, the event is now available for online viewing at your convenience. You can view the webinar here.

The webinar focuses on the evolution of ambulance seating and safety with regard to design, ergonomics, and convenience. It is purely an educational webinar intended to help organizations make an informed buying decision on their next emergency vehicle or safety seating purchase. This webinar includes some interesting facts about ambulance seating and safety of the past and how we can address these issues in the future. These points include things such as:

  • According to CDC, over 79% of ambulance crashes are from the front.
  • The inside of an ambulance is often a dangerous environment. There are sharp edges, corners and protruding objects in the module. Equipment is often in use or stored on shelves and may become projectiles in a crash.
  • Due to the layout of an ambulance module, seating is often in unusual positions with restraints often as a lap belt only. This forces attendants to become unrestrained as they move about the ambulance module to perform their work.

More importantly, this webinar focuses on new technology in ambulance seating to meet the concerns above and provide for a safer working environment for your patient and EMS crew. It highlights new interior ambulance design layouts enhanced for safety. Additionally, Chad and Kevin educate attendees on how to design and specify a safer ambulance interior for future emergency vehicle builds.

If your organization is in the market for a new ambulance, this is definitely a webinar worth watching! It is roughly an hour long and is jam packed with tons of great information. You can view the webinar online now. You can also contact Chad Brown at for more information.

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