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Braun Ambulances Celebrates Employees at Anniversary Dinner

Originally published on March 10, 2020
Updated on May 5, 2020
By Braun Ambulances

At Braun Ambulances, we’re honored to have a great team of employees that allow us to be one of the premier ambulance manufacturers. Last month, we celebrated our Braun family members with an anniversary dinner held to recognize those celebrating their anniversaries with Braun Ambulances! 

On February 14, we hosted a dinner for all Braun employees at our facility in Van Wert. We honored 47 employees who celebrated one year of perfect attendance at Braun Ambulances by presenting them with a custom jacket. We also presented 21 employees with 2-year perfect attendance coats. Those who celebrated 3 or more years of perfect attendance were awarded $100 in cash!  

Employees celebrating 1-2 years of perfect attendance
Employees celebrating 3 or more years of perfect attendance

Braun also recognized those who celebrated 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 26+ years with the company. There were 37 team members who celebrated their 5-year anniversaries with Braun Ambulances. William Hire, Ryan Fox, Dustin Bidlack, and David Reinhard celebrated their 10-year anniversaries, while Robert Leach, Randy Teman, Tim Jewell, Jason Gibson, Travis Parsons, and Lionel Enyart celebrated 15 years with Braun! Connie Slagle, Brian Ladd, Carrie DeAmicis, Shannan Boroff, James Barnhart, James Denman and Diane Metzger were recognized for spending two decades with Braun Ambulances. Those who celebrated over 25 years with the company were also recognized for their commitment; those team members were Tim Florence (26 years), Tom Ladd and Jerry Goings (27 years), Kim Braun (28 years), BJ Martin (33 years), Michele Ford (34 years), Terry Dysinger (35 years), Bob Herr (36 years), Dan Rohlf (30 years), Allen Farris and Linda Baker (32 years), Gary Ford (38 years), and Deb Butler (40 years)! 

Those who celebrated their 25th anniversaries with Braun Ambulances were awarded vacations from the company. This year, we were honored to present Brian Holbrooks, Donna Elliott, and Pam Osenga with vacations for their commitment to excellence at Braun Ambulances.  

“Every year we take the time to pause from our very busy work schedules and reflect on the amazing people – our employees – that make what we do for our customers so successful,” said Kim Braun. “We are incredibly proud to be building custom, quality ambulances for the EMS market for 48 years.  Congratulations to all our employees who earned their perfect attendance awards and celebrated service milestones on this day!” 

Thank you to all our amazing team members for making us the company we are today. We couldn’t do what we do without you!

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