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Braun Delivers New Emergency Vehicle to Rio Arriba County

Originally published on December 26, 2014
Updated on October 31, 2019
By Braun Ambulances

While we have many units leaving our production plant each month, we love any opportunity to provide our readers with additional information on a delivery. We highlight trucks we think are unique or have new and innovative features worth sharing about. Today, we’d like to spotlight the new Braun G4500 Chief XL ambulance that went to Rio Arriba County.

Rio Arriba County is located in New Mexico. The department provides fire, EMS, swift water rescue, hazmat, and 911 services for their area. Covering over 5800 square miles, Rio Arriba is the second largest county in New Mexico. With five Braun ambulances in their seven unit fleet, the department responds to over 2500 calls per year.

Mateo DeVargas, Emergency Manager/EMS Coordinator for Rio Arriba County, worked with Tim Hutchens, owner of Lone Star Emergency Vehicles, to design the new Braun G4500 Chief XL. The interior features a custom triangle of care, an ergonomic design aimed to enhance patient care in the emergency vehicle. The safety interior also makes it a better working environment for EMS providers. The module includes three individual paramedic seats with five-point harnesses to keep providers safely belted in as they work.

When asked why they purchased a Braun Chief XL, Mateo DeVargas said: “We feel that Braun’s construction and reliability is unparalleled in the industry.” Their new unit was produced using Braun’s exclusive SolidBody™ Construction, a unique process where the box is built as one integrated module from .125”flat-sheet, marine grade aluminum.  With no separate extruded frame, this creates a lighter ambulance with enhanced strength – a standard on all Braun ambulances.

“Due to the department’s long history of outstanding performance and reliability with Braun, Rio Arriba was fully aware of exactly what they wanted in an ambulance,” says Tim Hutchens. “It was simply a matter of chassis selection for them. Since Braun builds on forty-six different chassis platforms, we worked to help educate Rio Arriba on the differences and select one fit for that task of their high call volume and vast coverage area. It was a pleasure working with them on this latest Braun ambulance.”

Congratulations to Rio Arriba County on your new Braun G450 Chief XL ambulance! 

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