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Committed to the EMS Industry, Expanding to Deliver

Originally published on November 30, 2013
Updated on October 31, 2019
By Braun Ambulances

It’s an exciting time of expansion here at Braun Industries. For over forty years, we’ve been serving the EMS industry by manufacturing quality, custom ambulances that are “Built for Life.” As the market changes and demand increases, we have made a significant investment in our business to keep pace. We are focused on maintaining our reputation in the industry as a leading ambulance manufacturer producing the “Mercedes” of ambulances. We have strategically grown our company to adapt to the new climate and to continue to build some of the best emergency vehicles on the road.

The financial crisis of 2007 to 2010 impacted many organizations and their ability to purchase needed vehicles and equipment. The road to recovery has been slow, but contracts and pent up demand from the economic decline are now forcing ambulance manufacturers to step up production and deliver. At Braun, we’ve grown our workforce by creating new jobs and hiring 50 employees in the past year. This, combined with production arrangements for enhanced efficiency and shorter cycle time, have allowed us to increase output by 40%!

To better serve customers old and new, we have also expanded our dealer network by adding new territories and helping our existing dealerships grow. This will provide more access to the Braun product, as well as enhanced service center locations. One such example is the addition of our Direct Sales Representative, Jerry Jones, for the Western US. Jerry is based in Utah, representing the Braun brand in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and Southern California. He has extensive sales experience in the emergency vehicle industry, and has also been on the buying side of emergency vehicle purchases.

Our strategic direction for sustainable growth and our investment over the past several years has also improved our brand awareness. With more focus on safety than ever before, Braun has a distinct advantage over other ambulance manufacturers. We have experienced strong customer demand and support of our product, since patient and crew well-being is a primary focus in the design and build of our units. Braun ambulances have become synonymous with safety, quality, and innovation.

President, Kim Braun, has the following to say about our recent growth and expansion:

“The Braun name represents a premium product in the emergency vehicle industry. Our vision is centered on sustainable growth and a direction that continuously improves the quality of our product, the passion within our people, the integrity of our decisions, and the long-term relationships that make us successful.”

As we wrap up 2013, we are focused on the future. We are planning for continuous, sustainable growth to meet the ever-increasing demands of the EMS industry. We are launching new products, such as The Responder and the EZ O2 Lift, and listening to customer feedback to improve existing models. We look forward to another 40 years as a top-innovator in ambulance design and manufacturing.

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