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Manuevering wintery conditions with 4×4 ambulances

Originally published on January 17, 2019
Updated on January 18, 2019
By tbgdeveloper

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 60% of the United States was snow-covered last winter, and 49 out of 50 states saw snowfall to some extent. As we prepare for snowy, icy weather here in Van Wert, Ohio, we’re reminded of the benefits of 4×4 ambulances.

Four-wheel drive is beneficial in a variety of cases – snow, ice, mud, gravel, off-road, and slippery hills; it allows your ambulance to maneuver tough situations with increased safety and reliability. 4×4 ambulances are crucial in areas of the country that receive a lot of snow because they ensure that your department can respond efficiently, even in dangerous Winter conditions.

4×4 ambulances don’t cost that much more than other ambulances. They can save your department time and money with their ability to get first responders to the scene quickly and safely, no matter what kind of terrain you’re dealing with. They also reduce strain on the ambulance by spreading the force out to all four wheels as opposed to two wheels. While 4×4 ambulances don’t necessarily help you stop in the snow, they do help you drive safely in low-traction situations.

For more information on why 4×4 ambulances are great options for departments in rough terrain, contact us today!

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